SIM Card Reader

    Okay, I know I can pick one of these up on eBay fairly cheaply, but was wondering if anyone's seen anything really cheap whilst looking at wholesale electrical sites or anything.

    It's easy to get stung by postage when buying just one item, though...


    There's one for $3.40 on dealextreme - that works out at about £2.20 with free shipping.

    I bought one instore at woolworths for less than £3

    [SIZE=5]poundland and no post age just :-D£1[/SIZE]

    I vote for poundland.

    Although stock can be an issue at times.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tips. I totally forgot that Poundland have these!!

    home bargains stores across the northwest stock these at times too

    poundland had them in stock at Salford, Manchester today loads of them also other pound shop in Salford precinct.
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