Sim card tray not Eject!-- Samsung refused to repair it!

Posted 3rd Jan 2018
Bought a Samsung S8 one month ago (through carphone warehouse) but now the sim card tray can't come out! (it doesn't move at all and no click sound). To solve the prob quickly, I went to Samsung repair center directly rather than go to the retailer. But was told that the release system is broken and is not under their warranty (i need to replace the whole frame and screen myself to get it out!)! I then called the customer service but useless.

This is really unacceptable! First, I used the tray by a standard way. I did feel the tray tight and hard to take out when I first used it, but I didnt think of too much as i never had any such prob with other phones. Second, despite the tightness, the tray got in the phone successfully when I changed the sim. But after 10 days when I tried to swap back the old sim, it's not working any more. That said, the prob happened as I normally used it (no damage, no drop off, no hard hit...just like how everyone treats their new phones).

I am so disappointed with Samsung and think the tray mechanism is defective and the phone is of poor quality. How can Samsung attribute it to customer's fault just because I have to use it after purchasing (by a normal standard)? I bought a phone not a piece of paper which is so easy to break!

Another sign of poor quality is that: before my phone case arrived I left the phone in my pocket, together with some coins. But when i arrived in office, i found the silver edge was scratched by the frictions with coins... Never happened to other phone either!

Could someone pls tell me what I should do next? I now have to use an overseas sim card which cant be taken out! I can't accept Samsung's response and decide to escalate it if necessary. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot!
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