sim cards with credit on them

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Found 13th Jan 2010
are you allowed to sell them

got a spare phone after my contract one broke bought a cheap pay and go and they
had to put £10 on to the sim card

am i allowed to sell it in the forsale thread for the cost of £10 which i paid for it

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I believe it is allowed...but why would someone buy a SIM card for £10 with £10 credit on it....surely they would just top up their own SIM by £10....

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yeah i know but i don't need it and have no use for it, might be usefuly for people who want to move networks

i think your details are stored on the sim when u register for the credit, i'v got a couple but i wouldn't sell them..


Yes you can sell the sim card with a top up for no more than the value of the top up (provided other members can access them from their mobile). The sim card itself has no value. Bulk sales rules would apply so 2 would be allowed in any 3 month period.

Top up vouchers cannot be sold however under voucher rules (just to cover all the variations). Thanks.

Sim cards with credit are way below that price on ebay, I pay £3.49 for 02 ones for the lads phone. Orange ones fetch a bit more due to the orange wednesdays thing.
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