SIM Flap issue on brand new xperia z3 compact problem?

    The other flap is ok,sits flush. Sim card flap keeps protruding about 1mm. Push it flush, and almost immediately its popped back.

    Anyone else notice this? so annoying


    have you got the sim in correctly? make sure it is otherwise the flap won't close properly

    Mine sits flush, make sure everything is inserted correctly. If it doesn't fit right then I'd guess it won't have the water/dust seal

    It fits perfectly. Surely Sony isn't gonna boast about it being so waterproof if it was easy to get this loose there. However it's a bit spooky that you can see the motherboard when you open the lower flap.

    give the inside of the flap a good clean, also clean out that section on your phone too, i had the same problem.

    Original Poster

    thanks all.

    the sim has not been inserted yet. just the holder and that clicks into nicely. i have cleaned all round the seal and the phone. it sits flush for about 2 seconds... but then its raised again...

    with regret may have to return to

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