Posted 25th Jul 2022
Looking for SIM:
-no monthly top-up
-low usage
-low or no data needed

Any suggestions.

Tried the Vodaphone one but asked to add another £10 after a month and the person, dad, only really uses it for incoming calls or to make outgoing rarely.
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    RWG (Now / EE) one-off £5 for recurring 50mins/txt + 250MB every month, the £5 credit doesn't expire, unless used (!).
    Use some inclusive allowance(s) at least once every 6 months to keep sim alive.…ata

    or similar one-off £15 for 100mins/txt + 750MB every month…ta/

    as posted on another thread few hours ago.
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    Here's a quick break down - do please correct me:
    3 - they no longer have any free offers £4/m for the first 7 months of a 24 month contract

    RWG - I ordered the SIMs back when they offered free calls/texts/data. Once I received the SIMs though they had brought out a 50p activation fee, so I never got to use them - seems now they offer a £5 activation fee which gives you a monthly recurring 50mins/texts + 250MB

    1p mobile - £30 for the year (using up that £30 @ 1p/minute though!), or £33 for unlimited calls/texts for the year!

    GiffGaff - £6 1GB data, unlimited calls/texts - I misread this before and thought it was a monthly top up requirement, but it seems it's a one off £6 (I believe the data expires and you need to top up again for that, but the calls/texts continue - can someone confirm?)

    Plus net - £6/m 5GB data, unlimited calls/texts

    Lebara - they always have good introduction offers, but then the price rises after 3 or 6 months which annoys me, Current offers on their site are £4 for 1000minutes/month

    I used to have Freedompop - however they started charging and they don't appear to have any transparency anymore

    Virgin mobile - you can get bundle deals

    O2 - you can get bundle deals
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    No. The referenced RWG £5 or £15 offer has no activation fee.
    The £5 or £15 amount is a non-expiry airtime credit purchase that comes with free recurring monthly airtime allowances, and the credit remains available until the customer uses airtime beyond the inclusive monthly allowances.
    If the customer does not exceed the freebie monthly allowances, the full £5 or £15 (or any additional) credit remains available for future out-of-allowance use.
    'Use some inclusive allowance(s) at least once every 6 months to keep sim alive.' I can't see where this is from, does it mean use some of the £5 credit rather than free allowance?

    What happens when the £5 credit is completely used up, does it bring the free allowances to an end?
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    3 used to do a sim where you get free 200mb not sure if it's still available
    I believe they stopped this deal - also that was data only, so you couldn't make calls without an additional purchase (although it could recieve calls!)
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    1pmobile are good, £10 every 4 months
    I thought they had one off payment plan - £30 for the year?
    Just checked - they do…ree you can also add unlimited calls & Texts for an additional £3!
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    Giffgaff are pretty good. I've had a sim in my lads phone for about 2 years and only topped up once! Just make sure you make a call or msg once every 3-6 months otherwise the sim will expire.
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    Giff gaff £6 for hassle free unlimited calls or payg

    Some other offers but I tried and did not work out for me. (edited)
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    RWG Mobile - £5 one off top up will get you 50mins/texts + 250MB each month, for very low usage this is probably best, but they could discontinue/change the offer.

    O2 Classic - you can find the "old" SIMs on eBay at the 3p/min 2p/SMS 1p/MB rate. Probably best for low occasional usage, I have one in a backup phone. Need a chargeable usage every 6 months to keep it active (so just make a call/text) but credit never expires.

    Lebara - £3.90 1GB Data 300 UK mins & texts plus 50 International mins to 41 countries. There is also an intro offer on the 12GB plan at £1.40/month for 6 months elsewhere on this site. It is possible to change to the £3.90 plan after 6 months if you do an intro offer that goes up to a higher rate.

    1p/mobile - Have to top up £10 every 120 days, or can pay £30/year (and get £30 credit to use across the year), or can pay £36/year for unlimited calls/texts and 250MB data each month (equiv. £3/month) (edited)
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    O2 321 sim click. Just top up with £10 and it will last quite a long time if you're a low user. Also will get you o2 priority, I use it for free Greggs hot drink/sausage roll/pizza.
    Don't you have to top up every six months?…-go

    If you don't top up, or add a Bolt On at least once in any six month period, your mobile will be disconnected and you'll lose any credit on your account. If you want to be reconnected you'll be given a new mobile number.
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    Honestly, before you buy anything, make sure whatever network you're thinking about actually works in your area. Nothing works inside my house except Vodafone, and that's patchy. Still the best of a bad bunch, so I use lebare. THREE have some great deals on paper, but, seeing as I only got reception outside, pretty much useless. Same as EE.

    If everything works great in your house, then world's your oyster.
    He lives in quite a good spot a nexus for all providers
  11. Avatar £6 per month
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    Thanks for all the replies

    Ordered both an rwg and a gifgaf and will decide which is best for him
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    Just wanted to add that this Thread has helped me massively.

    After reading the comments, I went to eBay and got hold of 2 x 02 Classic PAYG Sims for just 40p Delivered.

    When it arrived I Topped Up £10 (the lowest possible) and a couple days later got £5 free Credit.

    From the T&C's on the 02 Sim it states:
    "If you don't carry out a chargeable activity at least once in any 6-month period your mobile number and sim will be disconnected and you will lose any credit on your account".

    My interpretation of the above means that I can make a Phone Call every 5 Months to carry out a chargeable activity on the Credit that I have already topped up.

    If this is not the case, I'm sure a friendly phone Call with 02 Customer Services to discuss this obvious grey area will bring a positive result.