Sim Free Alba Big Button Mobile Phone - Black - help!

Posted 16th Dec 2016
I have just bought this phone for my nan…951

I have put an asda sim card in it and it works fine but underneath it says ''insert sim'' - does anyone know why or how to get rid of it?

I know its a dual sim phone and you can have two different sim cards operating on it but this message is annoying.
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We have one of these. The second 'insert sim' message is only there to show you have a spare sim card slot. I do not think it is possible to remove the message.
one solution get a pay g sim for the other slot then it will not show that msg
Just as i thought... thanks.
My husband has tried everything to get rid of that message about the sim and he can't he has also found out he cannot get voicemail which we did not ask about when purchasing this phone form Argos.
I have bought one of these and put a Tesco sim card in but it still says insert sim on both counts on main screen.I can make calls but can't open the menu. Does it have to be charged before I can use it properly? glordy
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