*SIM ONLY* 02 - 300 Mins, Unlimited Texts - £10.21 Per Month - £65 Cashback @ Top Cash Back

    Get £65 Cashback with Quidco and Top Cashback ion O2's 12 month Sim only deal. LIMITED time only. Offer includes 300 minutes and unlimited texts for £10.21 a month

    Not as good as previous deals but still good for some, could add bolt on for £5 for data.


    Cashback is always a bonus if it comes through so take that away and it's not a good deal

    No data?

    1. if cashback turns up, then works out at 5 per month, yet need to COMMIT to a 12 month.
    2. if cashback does not turn up (QUIDCO is not reliable any more, couple of my claims got rejected too)its expensive to pay 10 a month for a mere 300 mins and YET to commit to a 12 month contract
    3. After a long sunny spell, its cold outside too.


    i know o2 is other arm GIFF gaff is doing great offers. NO COMMITMENT for 12 months and as good as the tariff you got here.

    Why is it that Quidco gives out a bad name in none paying !!!!!!!!!!!!!i used Topcashback last year on one of these deals and i got payed as i do with all my puchases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don t tarnish Topcashback with that terrible Quidco !

    Voted very hot if using Topcashback cold if going through Quidco


    No data?

    The OP has already stated for an extra £5.00 a month data can be added isuggest you read the post before having a two worded dig !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Edited by: "TommyCooper" 26th Mar 2011

    Hot for me and might go for it. All my Quidco's have been paid out recently including the £100 O2 one.

    Cashcack on a similar deal from O2 via Quidco was not tracked and the inequiry still going on after 10 months. Not worth trying, at least not via quidco.

    My point Exactly

    I'm on this deal only mine includes unlimited calls to land lines as well (_;)


    Moved to MISC as this is a cashback offer rather than a deal and it was getting chilly in deals, thanks for posting.
    Edited by: "sigma" 26th Mar 2011
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