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    My o2 contract is finally coming to an end next month, and rather than blindly upgrading to a new phone and paying extortionate amounts of money per month, I've decided to cancel it and look for a sim only contract. Ideally 30 day rolling.

    I was originally planning on going with EE, but have read some less than positive reviews of their customer service, reliability and 3G speeds.

    I'm going to be sticking with my 3G phone so cannot utilise current 4G speeds.

    Can anyone recommend a network? I dont mind doing the leg work for a decent deal, just wanted some feedback on people's experience. O2 haven't been the absolute worst, but I have very little signal where I live and the internet speeds through either Chrome or apps is basically non-existant.


    I've used GiffGaff for a long while and they've been great.

    Though, I've just read the end of your post.. GiffGaff use the o2 network as far as I'm aware. Maybe not the best recommendation for your situation. Mind you if you're phones locked to o2 you won't require an unlock.

    I'd suggest Virgin Mobile (EE network) - where I live, I find their speeds fine and they have 1200 mins, 'unlimited' texts and 1gb data for £12.

    Or, hold out a short while as Three are supposed to be releasing new SIM only plans. I was told and have read it was today, but their website doesn't show the new ones yet. Three have the fastest 3G where I live.

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    tyvm for the replies, I hadn't thought about GiffGaff, well, any other networks outside of the "big" ones. So will certainly take a look at some of those.

    I had previously thought about moving onto Virgin as a colleague of mine raves about them, but then I have to take most of what she says with a pinch of salt.

    Will keep an eye out for the newly released Three sim only plans, my contract comes to and end next month so they will hopefully have been released by then.

    do what I do .....

    get cheap SIM cards for other networks and do some real time tests

    in some caes it will cost some money but you then know for sure what you are gettting

    you can test EE by getting a Delight Mobile SIM from Poundland and it has £10 credit on it - enought to do some data downloads and test EE network

    Three can be a bit more tricky as normally they require a £10 top uop but the £5 top up may still be avaibble in Three Stores - get teh 321 SIM

    Also you can get Lebara SIMs from Poundland but not sure if they have any useable credit on - they are on Vodafone



    I have been all of the majors and giffgaff have blown me away for ten pound a month im getting more than my contract 500mins unlimited txts 1gb data but there are other tarriffs when I topped up £ 10 they gave me £5 free and if I dnt top up again for 3 months I still get 3 month giffgaff to giffgaff calls and txts so I moved everyone I know onto the gg

    shop around for the best deal for u

    there is a mega sim thread on here which is worth browsing…625

    for PAYG, it seems that 3 is very good value if you get their reception ok.
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