Sim only deals for teenagers.

Found 15th Jan
Looking for a sim only deal. Which ideally limits usage to avoid excess charges. Any suggestions would be greatly welcome.
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Tesco mobile do SIM only with voice and data capping (though with an 'emergency buffer').
Pay as you go
Almost all providers offer this, BT you can cap to no more than £5 (more if you wish) and EE will stop once the allowance is used up, O2 have their own setup but it's been a few years now since I last used them.
Steer clear of Vodafone, they don't cap their data allowance and charge regardless.
Virgin are one of the few that has a ridiculous £25 minimum limit or at least it was the other week, most will allow you to set a limit think around £2.50 is the lowest normally. Have a look at Plusnet search in here as well for them as they have loads of offers and you can easily change between plans. Saying what I did about Virgin worth a look at them especially if you can get the 40Gb for a tenner probably more than they need. But what every you do teach them how to restrict data getting used it’s worth it ypto avoid even going into a buffer.
Thanks for all your advice, very helpful indeed.
Ive got a contract for my child with talkmobile who piggyback off vodaphone.

Was reluctant at 1st as quite a few bad reviews as well as a few excellent ones but wouldnt look back now.

Account managed online, can set up a cap online as well. (Mines set at £1) never once had any issues.
plusnet, which piggy back on ee, is very good value and allows you to cap any extra spending on your plan, this includes minutes, text and data.
The only company I could find for a sim only deal for my 10 year old last year with a very small cap was PlusNet, they allow a £2 smart cap. I pay £8 for 3.5gb data plus 2000calls/text and cant fault them.
ID by carphone warehouse let you cap, think it's £5.
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