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Found 12th Aug 2017
hi guys

im currently with 3 network but my contract coming up on the whole its been good. unfortunately, 4g in doors for me is non existent which can be annoying. currently on a year long deal which is coming to an end next month so wanted some help from people to see what deals are out there at the moment. i current pay £22 pm for which i get unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 30gb of data. calls not too bothered about, 500 minutes would serve me well, texts, dont use them that much so again not bothered. the data though i can go through 25gb easy a month so not really wanting to go below my current 30gb.

am i on a good deal already or anything better out there?

any help would be appreciated.
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If you can stay with Three and bear the non existent 4G indoors I would give them a ring and see what they can do for you, I currently have 200 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data with 12 gb tethering for £19 per month,
If you go on topcashback you can get ayce minutes, texts and 30gb data for £20 pm and the chance of up to £70 cashback if it pays out.
All depends if you want to stick with three.
I would tell them you don't get 4G and you will get a discount of around £5 per month.
I did at my old house.
If the lack of signal in the house is the issue you need to try a few payg sims from other networks. If could be something in the way the building is made that's blocking the signal, if that it the case it won't matter with network you go with the problem will remain.

All the network give free sim on their websites
ee give you a free signal booster that attaches to your wifi so gives indoor signal if that helps .. they did make me do something silly like be on landline while i walked with mobile while they monitored prove it i guess but hey im happy as finally now have unlimited mins so no need for house phone .. works for all other networks that work with ee too like bt ect
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