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Posted 27th Aug
Any recommendations for cheapest possible sim only option - all i need is to retain my number and have it forward all calls to another number (and not get charged extra)

Don’t need data really but still able to receive and send SMS texts.
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A PAYG solution may be the most cost effective depending on call forwarding / SMS volume which is not stated in OP.
Three's 321 PAYG priceplan charges an unimaginative 3p/min call, 2p/txt, 1p/MB, where call forwarding (diversion) is charged as if dialled.
The 321 PAYG priceplan at time of this post in Aug 2020 is only available to Three's "Data Reward" sim which also provides an ongoing freebie 200MB/m. Order freebie DR sim at…der
Believe minimum topup is £2 if you want to check viability.

Current DR/321 Priceplan is dated 01 July 2020 with charges stated on page7 of PDF archived at…obs and with image of 321 charges posted in recent thread at…889

Any subsequent changes to DR/321 priceplan will likely be available under "Mobile Broadband - Pay Monthly & Pay As You Go Plans" at…des
Go for an Unlimited Min/SMS sim with minimal data. Many deals abound on here for around £6 to £8 (maybe some cahsback on top too) . Try Smarty/Voxi or Lebara
Do texts get forwarded I wonder?
Can always carry the spare handset, for reading texts on, and forward calls to the other number ! Simplz. WIll need another handset to do this anyway, isnt it?
My inbound call volume is quite low. Does Call Divert use up a plan’s call allowance then?
Ideally, get a dual sim phone for your setup, so texts can be read on same handset on original sim, and incoming calls diverted to the other SIM.
IRONM4N_UK27/08/2020 20:31

Afraid not with any UK network

Just remembered, there's an Android app called Mightytext that will allow you to read your texts to one phone on another phone or on a computer .
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