Sim Only / PAYG Deals

    Currently on 3, myself on Sim only £15 a month + £5 Internert.
    Wife is on 3pay payg

    Free calls between mobiles are great, coverage is not so great plus Maximum mins on 3 is 300 mins which isn't enough and it goes to 20ppm afterwards.

    So looking for a comination of either Sim Only & PAYG (Wife doesn't use much minutes)

    Have looked at all the various deals and my head is spinning but basically i need 600+ mins a month + Internet, don't care about texts

    Any real world experience would be much appreciated


    get the o2 sim only and get the wife on payg o2

    you can get free o2 to o2 calls coverage around your place is good

    looks like vodafone a doing a deal, look at the new deal posted for the sim only deal
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