Sim only tarriff help

    I'm looking for a second sim to put in an iPhone that my contracts expired on...

    I don't need to call much from it, more texts than anything, and quite a bit of browsing - it's a 3GS

    I'm a bit confused:

    I was originally going to go with O2 - simplicity,

    But then I found this:…005

    This deal suits me, minimal but with an OK internet allowance

    On the O2 site, it asks which phone you are going to be using the sim in, there's a price hike from selecting 'iPhone' - and selecting 'Standard Phone'

    Why does this matter?

    Why is the price different on O2's site - surely 500mb, or 1gb of internet is exactly that - used on an iPhone, or 'Standard Phone'?

    Is the three sim OK for use in a 3GS at £10 p/m?

    Thanks all.


    Have a look at giffgaff - I'm in the same position as you and just ordered a sim from them - you can either use it as a true PAYG or for £10/month (no contract) you can get a 'goodybag' with 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet. Apparently it piggybacks on the o2 network so coverage should be pretty good. I can't comment though as not tried it yet!

    I'd say giffgaff aswell. My sister and OH use them and have no problems.
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