Posted 20th Jan 2023 (Posted 15 h, 55 m ago)
In order to chase the great SIM only deals like Lebara, what happens to the old SIM once your number has been ported? Is the SIM deactivated never to be used again? If I see another offer from a network I've used in the past , do I have to order a new SIM?
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    You normally have to be a 'new user' to get the big discount deals. This means if you are sticking with the same network you also have to have a new number or port out and then port back in.
    Also take care of doing it too many times, I must have ported back and forth my 3 number for the past 10 or more years, this year they refused me a new contract with them.
    I thought they found something in my credit rating I didnt know about, but after checking them all I know they never even did a search.
    So the part where it asks you do you already have a for example 3 number I used to say yes, as I did have one, you might be better porting out to a PAYG and then back to trying again, I had to let my daughter get my 3 contract in her name for the next 2 years.
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    The old SIM is dead so can be binned
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    Sim card is useless after porting and can't be used again.Yes,You would need new sim.
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    Yep, it’s dead/useless. 
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    Thanks everyone. Also then, do you have to register as a new user every time?
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    I've ported myself, wife and daughter at Xmas without issues but daughter is complaining that her talkmobile service isn't as good as when she was on voxi? Both Vodafone so not sure what's going on. Currently looking at ID mobile 24gb for £8 with rollover data
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