Sim swap ‘issue’

Posted 12th Dec 2019
Looking for some help before going to the network.

I swapped my sim over from Vodaphone to Smarty using the pac code from Vodaphone obviously and seem to have a issue.

Smarty are saying my old phone number is now active which is good but my iPhone is still using the number from the new SIM card to send iMessage/text messages and I can’t seem to change it.

Any ideas/help?
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Try going into settings then phone and change your number there to the new number then turn your phone off and back on again.
Well not to the new number as the case may be but change the number to your original number that you ported in.
Did you enter the correct SIM card number? As one digit wrong and I wonder if it may have been allocated to another SIM?

Might be worth you contacting Vodafone to check what is happening.

If you have only just transferred it could be that it takes an hour or so to fully transfer.
I think I’ve sorted it... I logged out of iCloud on the phone and logged back in. Now the number has gone back to normal (old number). And everything seems okay, must have just got stuck. Thanks for the help.
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