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Posted 30th Sep
I've recently taken up the deal for a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, well I collected it today and now looking how to cancel.

I have tried cancelling via the chat, but they say I have to provide 30 days, so I guess the next best would be to PAC out the number.

I've tried it with a GiffGaff sim, but wants me to pay £5 to topup... is there any that do not charge to transfer the number?

Ideally I would like to do it asap, so if anyone knows one I can transfer whilst online.


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Just to add, ideally I don't wish to pay for putitng on credit onto the sim too. So if there is a free way, that would be great
buy a sim from poundland and use that? Or you can get free payg sims from voxi
Thanks Douglas for the suggestion.

I found a solution, managed to get a Tesco Mobile SIM from my Tesco Extra store, activated it via the Online chat (whilst in store) and managed to request the number to be transfered across. The SIM cost 99p, so not too bad to try and get it sorted quickly.
Was the Huawei deal arranged in-store or via web/telephone?
AndyRoyd30/09/2019 20:47

Was the Huawei deal arranged in-store or via web/telephone?

I got it on the web, for in-store delivery. Was due for delivery for tomorrow, but turned up today.
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