Simba or Eve Mattresses? Quality and value for money?

Found 19th Jan 2017
Hi all!

I'm in need of a new mattress and now that me and my partner are spending more time together it's become more important to get a good nights sleep!

I'm a really bad sleeper and struggle to get comfortable. I'm also really fussy with pillows and currently have more than I can actually fit on the bed as I've trialled so many. Anyway, these Eve and Simba mattresses seem to be getting a lot of hype as the best mattress ever, so I'm keen to find out more.

I was wondering if there were any owners of either who can comment or what everyone's thoughts are on these mattresses. My biggest concern is the price. They are so expensive!! I've never paid anywhere near this much for a mattress and so paying monthly would have to be the only option, and even that seems steep! So is it worth it?

Be great to hear everyones thoughts, thanks!
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Following this thread as I am curious too
Me three.. and to add another one.. Leesa mattresses. I know all three come with a 100 night sleep guarantee, but I am torn between choosing one out of the three.
Ikea mattresses also come with100 day guarantee. Try before you buy?

Ikea mattresses also come with100 day guarantee. Try before you buy?

​Don't ikea do odd sizes though so if you get a ikea double mattress you need a ikea double bed to match?
Which reviews suggest the Leesa and Casper ones are the best of these type of mattresses. The Eve is really quite soft and definitely not for everybody
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