Simple headphones

    Any recommendations for a good pair of headphones .. the type that actually go into your ear as opposed to over the ear.

    Some of these I find uncomfortable, but others seem to be OK and actually stay in your ear, rather than dropping out

    It's just for listening to music / speech from the computer, maybe while I am actually browsing etc.

    thank you


    I got a set of MonsterBeats Lady Gaga Heartbeat Ruby Red Chrome Headphones which are brand new, and are ace sounding,

    I'd look for £50 delivered if you were interested. Google them!

    (these are the female versions)


    i find the sony mdr range…tml

    fit well, as they have 3 sizes of rubber thingys ( and can buy replacements if you wish)

    it also helps to reduce external noise and stops other people hearing your stuff too.

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    Thanks for your advice, might go for the Sony ones
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