Simple Pink Digital Camera

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Found 6th Sep 2010
I'm looking for a reasonably simple (and cheap) camera for my daughter who is six in October.

Can't see the point of buying her one of those plastic kiddy ones when she has played with ours already and taken "reasonable" pics.

Any ideas? Up to say £35.


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Vivitar seems to be the cheapest brand(no idea what quality the cameras are)

A quick search at Tescos shows the cheapest to be 5mp camera for £22.97

or you could spend a bit more and use the £10 of £50 voucher on tesco direct, on something like this direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx (need to find another £0.03 to get the voucher on this one tho) or this direct.tesco.com/q/R…spx
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