Simple question for you...

    Are bluetooth headsets illegal to use in the car?

    Just at work, we have an issue with carkits not pairing with a Blackberry and I suggested the the guy use a Bluetooth headset instead.
    He said they are illegal.
    Is this true?

    I've been looking online but can't find a solid statement to say if they are or not...

    I believe they are legal to use...

    Can anyone help me prove what is right?



    As far as I'm aware, bluetooth headsets are legal to use...

    Totally free as long as the operation is hands free and does not obscure / impede the driver in any way.

    isnt that what there manufactured for ? so they must be legal imo !

    Is youre colleague going to admit he is wrong if you show him a thread you made on a shopping forum where somep eople say it's legal?
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    Is youre colleague going to admit he is wrong if you show him a thread … Is youre colleague going to admit he is wrong if you show him a thread you made on a shopping forum where somep eople say it's legal?! oO
    Im hoping that someone can post a link that I can pass on to them...

    just sack him as he's just using it as an excuss not to use a phone


    I am sure when mobiles phones were banned under the Road Safety Act 2007 it did not prohibit the use of "hands free" equipment. It will need to be confirmed but as this was not prohibited it will depend on the actual safety of your driving and how much control you still retain.


    Ps. The term "hands free" is at it reads. It is any device which does not require the use of your hands to operate it. The only exception to this legislation is emergency calls to 999 or 112.

    The bluetooth kits are legal as long as they are 100% hands free, but the police do say if you want to answer a call, pull over and take it. Using a bluetooth kit will do the same as using a mobile phone in your hand, take your attention off the road...

    Personally I don't think any call is that important not to miss it and give them a call back in 5 minutes.


    completely to use whilst driving etc.

    The problem was people handling the phone whilst driving therefore concentrating on holding and operating the phone leading them more susceptible to accidents as not having full attention to the road

    still divert your attention but not too the degree a phone would so therefore completely legal to use at all times...UNLESS your not in a car and just walking around, not illegal but should be cause you look a tool


    Summary of legal requirements

    It has been illegal to use a hand held mobile phone while driving since December 2003. Breaking this law, even if otherwise driving safely, can lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points.

    Drivers can be taken to court – maybe because the policeman thinks the offence so bad that a fixed penalty fine is inadequate, or because the driver refuses to accept the fixed penalty. If this happens fines will almost certainly be larger and disqualification is possible.

    The maximum fine in a court is £1000, or £2500 if the driver is driving a bus or a goods vehicle.

    These offences apply if the driver is seen using a phone. If the driving is bad, or if there is a crash while the phone is being used, drivers can be prosecuted for careless driving, dangerous driving or, if someone is killed, for causing death by careless or dangerous driving.

    Fines can be much greater, and prison becomes almost certain if a death is caused.

    The Traffic Commissioners can be involved if a commercial vehicle is being driven.

    Hands-free mobile phones
    While it is an offence to be seen using a hand held phone, regardless of whether driving has been affected, this is not the case for hands free phones.

    However, a driver seen not to be in control of a vehicle while using a hands free phone can be prosecuted for that offence. The penalties are the same as for using a hand held phone.

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    Thanks for your replies everyone
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