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Found 9th Jul
Did anyone else subscribe to the free supplements offer that was on hot uk deals

I did and received confirmation email. Hadn’t heard from them so emailed them only to receive a reply saying they had cancelled there offer as they didn’t expect the increase in business and couldn’t cover the orders and that my order was cancelled. Not great business practice
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My order was delivered!
I've got mine!
I got 2 lots
I’ve heard nothing so mine has probably been cancelled too.
Can you post the email confirmation but no goodies
Got a fiver voucher as an apology, we are customers but haven’t bought for a while.
nothing either, emailed them about it and they had said 4-6 weeks until new stock in, then few days ago order cancelled and £5 voucher
Had email saying they had run out but offering £5 off.
margaret.stewartJf310th Jul

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Can’t say fairer than that really, they would be covered by their t&cs, they could have made their systems stop at so many codes been used but their systems might not be able to do it.
Their 'system' is certainly able to do it, I design online stores and well aware if the common scams these businesses use.. it was not in their interest to *easily* limit the orders after X stock or a few dozen items as it would prevent the whole point of the sales strategy which was to build a database of thousands of retargettable sales leads.. So they let countless people give them their personal addresses under false pretences to build a sales database of potential marks (aka in the trade 'targets') whom can then be retargeted with these (and likely future) targeted mass 'discount' emails with the aim of driving sales, mass sales economics, repeat retargettable consumers etc etc increasing their business value to potential investors or buyers etc etc

Scamming a database of targets using these underhand tactics is well known and commonplace among owners of bulk companies aiming to turn a big buck increasing business value regarding resale or simply hard profits.

Personally I would not want to pay for goods that I didn't wish to pay for in the first place. If i wanted to buy intentionally overpriced and relatively low grade promoted goods with a token discount I'd have done it in my regular shopping.

That a nut shell: (if anyone if interested)

They are leveraging the newly acquired (scammed imo re: disingenuous tactics, having knowledge of the job) mass of details (valuable sales leads) to harvest sales on the products they intentionally reneged while acquiring 'retargetable' sales lead info through misrepresentation; it's bulk trading economics, standard to boost profits and repeat consumer numbers which increase business value to investors and increases medium and long-term sales of their overpriced low grade tat that the masses were not interested in to begin with.

I'm just trying to do my bit to help people avoid these traps.. more awareness of manipulative tactics the better so users can decide for themselves whether this company is worth paying the higher price for goods available in better quality for a lower price elsewhere (given this company's underhand, albeit well known in the trade, sales lead acquisition tactics).
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