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Found 11th Aug 2016
So I'm thinking about preordering something with simplygames, and I was wondering if they take payment upon order or dispatch?
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I preordered Deus EX with them via PayPal and they didn't take it straight away. It came out a couple of weeks ago - although Deus is not out until August 23rd. It's kinda half way through if you know what I mean
i had money taken from bf1
i paid by pay pal

card might be ok When will payment be taken?

Payment for order will be captured when we dispatch your items unless your order was placed more than 28 days before the official release date. In this case your payment will be captured within 21 days of your order placed.

NOTE: Although we DO NOT immediately capture the transaction, some banks reflect the value of the order against your available balance immediately. In this case we have not actually captured the payment; the bank have merely 'reserved' the funds for us. This process is perfectly normal and is referred to as 'pre-authorisation'.
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