simpsons sex scandal

    An Australian man has been convicted of possessing compromising images on his computer - of Bart & Lisa Simpson.

    Alan John McEwan has been convicted of having pornographic pictures of children on his computer. They can be named for legal reasons as Bartholemew Simpson, 10 and Lisa Simpson, 8.


    Stop the world, I want to get off.

    Some bizarre people out there, Pervert or not pervert?



    Some bizarre people out there, Pervert or not pervert?

    That's what i've often wondered about fans of the above:thinking:

    Pervy but not exactly worthy of criminal proceedings, it's a fictional cartoon.


    lol, nuts oh oh hazel nuts!!

    If this sets a precedent, then the whole Anime industry is going to collapse

    You should see what they do with Disney characters:?

    Mature for teh win!

    Lets arrest the Simpson family for incest!
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