simpsons the movie??? when is it out?

    according to the website the fllm is out on 27.07.07. so friday.
    same on a TV programme i just watched.

    but newport cinema shows it being on today!!
    whats going on?


    Thats probbaly advance viewings

    Original Poster


    Thats probbaly advance viewings

    well they had about 15 show times today! not just one or 2 advanced ones.

    I went to see it today at cineworld nottingham and there was at least 20 showings, with about the same tomorrow.

    Its release date is friday though

    I remember seeing an advert yesterday that said its out tommrow (today)

    Yeah, cinemas usually show them 2 days before the official release date these days. Makes people feel like they're getting something.…498

    just saw it, its ace, watch it.

    I too saw it yesterday!

    I won't say anything about it, even though I was being extremely cruel on the way out and doing an annoying git routine by "spoiling" the ending - loudly saying something that didn't happen whilst going past the massive queue!

    You have to see it, watch it from the first second to the very last! Well worth the price of the ticket!

    The only question I have is, where do they (they being the Simpsons and their creators/animators) go from here?!

    IF they were to call it a day, then that would be fine with me, always end on a high and what a way to end it!
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