Sims 2 + Pets Expansion + Advice

    Hi first post so hope I have arrived at right place.

    I need to buy 2 gifts Sims 2 and the Sims Pets Expansion pack anyone know of the best deal.

    Also if I bought an already bundled deal like Sims 2 + Festive Season can I still use all the expansion packs or is the game locked to just the festive expansion.

    Sorry to sound such a wally but my 7 year old knows more than me about this and he is in bed and its supposed to be a surprise!!


    hi jakybel welcome to HUKD

    ok first of all what system are you using for these games?

    As long as you have the original game SIMS 2 then you can add whatever expansionn you want onto it,
    i had them all on PC Universtity, xmas, nightlife, open for business but i sold them on fleabay.

    watch if you buy them all tho as they have to be installed in a certain order.

    Original Poster

    its for pc.


    Here is just a couple:



    or visit EBay if your a member there, buy one sealed tho, you might find a bargain pack like what i had for sale with all the games in one.
    I sold my pack for £60 good deal i thought
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