Sims 2 - will it work on Vista

    Mrs saxo wants to get the Sims 2 again....but does it work on Vista?
    do you have it on your computer and it works fine or does it work then crash after 5min lol

    anyhelp would be great thanks


    I'm sure if you run it in compatibility mode there would be no problems.

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    How do you do that? lol

    it worked for me but it was very very very slow and i have a good gfx card. i installed xp and it ran very smooth


    Works fine on my Vista premium:-D

    I'm at work on xp atm. It goes something like this... right click on the Icon for sims 2 then go on properties, then do other interesting stuff :?:, then choose windows xp from a drop down list. And thats it.

    I'll edit this post when I get home, unless someone else on here actually knows what they're talking about - I obviously don't! :thumbsup:

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    ctuk, do you know how to flash a SKY Sagem router? its to be used on another internet provider
    just thot you might know something about routers or computers lol

    yeah it's easy, just connect it to a computer, do some magic trickery and *bang* it's done!

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    errrrrr i dont think so lol

    i play sims 2 on vista, doesnt seem to be a problem!!
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