sims 3 package help

    so the missus has reinstalled the sims on her laptop and is taking great delight in telling me i have wet myself every few mins.

    so i was looking to buy sims 3 and came across 2 packs on amazon.
    one standard edition with proper description and 1 labelled as 'commemorative edition' (links in next post)
    the commemorative edition has no reviews and the picture maybe looks like a mockup.
    i cant find anything on net about it other than references to the ambitions expansion pack but thats mentioned nowhere in amazons listing.
    if anyones bought it and can advise about the contents of this then i can know whether to buy or not.

    also her laptop is t6400 ati3450 3gb ram vista, 'canirunit' says pass for min spec but anyone playing on a similar machine and having problems/sucess?

    thanks in advance.


    So looks like the game with some other tat thrown in

    Original Poster


    I've managed to find this so far Commermorative Edition

    *insert swear words*
    sure i looked on that site before but when looking for this i restricted to UK pages so didnt see THE FIRST GOOGLE LINK!
    think in this version ill be getting updates from the missus on how ive wet myself and am banging head against a wall.

    thanks alot i'lll give it a try - looks like the extra is a bit crap but same price so may as well!
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