Sims 4 Add-on Packs

Posted 11th Oct
My daughter wants some add-on packs for Xmas for her Sims 4 game, she was also thinking of a PS Plus subscription. I have no experience of these and was wondering what would be the cheapest way of buying? Selecting single add-on packs seem expensive but would a subscription give her what she wants - sorry I really havent a clue and dont want to do the wrong thing. Is it best waiting and seeing what deals come out on Black Friday or pre Xmas? Not sure whats happened other years.
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Sims 4 expansions are quite expensive, all the PS Plus will give you is online if you aren’t about that I would recommend getting EA Access for PS4 “” doesn’t give much discounts I normally wait for a sale on the stores or check like CD Keys (I have sims on my Xbox so not sure what PS4 is like)
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