Sims 4 Question????

Posted 28th Oct
My daughter has Sims 4 from a download and a couple of them extra bits (Cats & Dogs etc). Obviously now you know I dont know anything about what I am talking about. She plays it on her Surface Pro 4 via the codes we purchased.

If I was to buy her the offer was Tesco for her PS4 can she then use the download codes on the PS4 so she can choose what system she uses to play it on or do we have to buy it again as she wont want to lose her "progress"? Hope someone understands what I mean. Thanks
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you will have to buy a PS4 copy and start again might be wrong but dont think ps4 lets you transfer saves cross platform like some xbox / pc games do.

can get it for £15…199
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But with my thinking - Buy the PS4 version and load it up, log in with your original login details and hopefully you will be able to see all your progress - or am I expecting too much???
As far as I’m aware downloadable content is usually platform locked even with cross platform games. It is highly unlikely that DLC will transfer.

So PC code will not work on PS4 and vice versa.
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