sims 4 suitable for a 7 year old ?

Found 24th Dec 2014
i know its rated 12 but is there anything in it that i should worry about?
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This video should help you decide if it's suitable:

2 Minute Guide: The Sims 4 (PEGI 12) by FamilyGamerTV


Hope that helps & Merry Christmas!
The only thing I can think of (having played previous Sims but not 4) is the 'Woohoo' aspect. You don't see anything just 'undercover bed wrestling' and in other places but again, unseen just implied.
thanks for replies guys i dont think it is after seeing video its changed in the last 20 years lol

do you guys know if the older versions are more suitable ? its been a long time since i played it so dont remember.
Tbh I don't any of them contain anything bad for a 7 yo to view.
Whilst there really isn’t anything bad for them to actually view there is a few things I wouldn’t want a seven year old thinking is okay, such as teenagers ‘messing around in bed’. The sexual element is exactly how shimagoza's video describes it to be although moaning isn't strictly true, it's more like giggles. It's very easy to think The Sims is kid friendly, but it really does depend on how mature the kid is and whether you want them to be exposed to 'how families' are made and for them to explore that in a game that's built to create and grow families.

The Sims 4 isn't that much of a game at the moment, it's very basic at the moment lacking things that made The Sims 3 great.

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