Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong!

Hi, I am going to Australia in December for The Ashes!

So, I am wondering if anyone has been to Singapore, and if they could reccomend any hotels, things to do etc. (there for 3 days)

Also, I am going to Melbourne for the Boxing Day test, but will only see the 1st day (boxing day), so I was wondering about hotels, and what to do there aswell (2 days away from the Cricket)

Also, I am driving to Sydney from Melbourne in time for New Years, so was wondering about accomodation on the coast road, and in Sydney. Also what to do in Sydney (there for 3 days)

On the return journey, I am stopping at Hong Kong, i was also wondering if anyone had stopped there, as we have no accomodation booked, any recomendations ?? what to do ?? where to stop ??

Thanks, Dom


singapore's a cool place, but there isn't a great deal other than malls and food courts

there's a night safari but my friends told me not to bother

you could visit the old lorongs (side streets) in Geylang, which is the red light district - it's not *too* seedy and you can get a feel of what the old neighbourhoods were like, it has quite a lot of character

we ended up staying at a place called Fragrance Hotel, which we didn't realise was slap bang in the middle of the red light district until we got there, but it was cheap and the rooms were alright]

i'd say the main thing to do in sg is eat! the food is amazing and unbelievably cheap

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thanks, not wanting to stay in the red light district, as travelling as a family, with a 14 year old!

singapore is pretty good,I lived there for 6 months a few years ago

night zoo,day zoo are very very nice are a must

sentosa island is good for a day out

arab quarter and little india also worth a visit

HK has loads and loads to do,but book your accommodation in advance,HK Island tends to be a bit more upmarket than Kowloon area it depends on your budget....most rooms are smaller than average though unless you go 5*

The Stanforn Hotel is the circular one that you may have seen.

We stayed there a few years ago and enjoyed it immensely.


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Consider travelling with Emirates . . . . .they're great

God luck to you and the lads either way




i'd say the main thing to do in sg is eat! the food is amazing and … i'd say the main thing to do in sg is eat! the food is amazing and unbelievably cheap

I was in Singapore a couple of weeks ago. Not out of choice mind.... Damned Icelandic Volcano!

Anyway.... just picking up on the "cheap food"... it needs to be clarified that you are referring to the food stalls which are plentiful and relatively safe to eat. Expect to see some pretty grotesque items on the menu. (Assuming you're not a fish head curry and alike fan!)

Booze is expensive. 1/2 pint of local Tiger Beer in my hotel (Changi Village) was approx £7.50. (Yes that's right, £15 a pint!)

Apart from as you've said, (ie near redlight district), dont expect to find a cheap hotel. That said, things are negotiable. We were fortunate that we were in transit and one of the few the airline paid for. We had 2 rooms and all our meals were paid for. The total cost for the 6 nights accomodation we had would have set us back £3240.

We didnt really do that much when we were there (because of the circumstances). but we did get to the Bird Park in Jurong. I would very highly recommend this place for a visit. The night zoo is supposed to be good too.

Getting around, make use of the local transport. The MRT (tube) is extremely cheap, clean and efficient.

Oh.... and dont take any chewing gum with you. Getting caught chewing could end up with you getting a public flogging.

Singapore is a fantastic country (all things considered), but not one I'd like to be in for too long. I suppose working there, my opinion might change, but for a holiday, there are far better places IMHO.

Anything you need to know in particular, ask away and I'll see if I can help.

Wife and I stayed at the Carlton which is next door to Raffles, and had no complaints about Standard, Staff very attentive and Friendly, also been to the Phoenix which was directly above one of the tube stations (no noise from trains so not a problem).
Most hotels in Singapore are fabulous and I would recommend doing the night safari which is great fun.
As above Sentosa is a really good day out
You cannot fail to enjoy Singapore

HK - Langham Place - brilliant hotel. Newly built, fantastic modern hotel, in the middle of a fantastic district (Kowloon) on the mainland - lots of night markets around. Good travel connections, attached to a massive shopping centre. Real posh hotel, but in the middle of a 'traditional' area. Best place to stay imo. Cant recommend it enough.

What to do? markets and just soaking up the atmosphere is a must! the light show is really good, and a trip up the mountain on the island is also a must! incredible city. my favourite by far!

Singapore, place is very clean. People are very nice and they can speak very good English. And the Universal Studio just opened this year.

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thanks everyone, looking into what you have suggested!

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anymore info ?


looking forward to seeing the ashes myself

check here for loads of info and use the search in the relevant country thread…spa
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