Singapore - Who has been? any must do's? What hotel?!

Looking for a bit of advice as i have a couple of days here in October, Looked on the usual tripadvisor and done some research but would be interested in people's opinions.....

any hotel advice?

Must do's?


I stayed at the Conrad Centennial which was lovely but not cheap (think it was around 500 SGD a night, around £200-250). It was only a stopover so I didn't really do much so can't give you any advice there! Definitely recommend the hotel though, even the gym was impressive!!


Hey! I went Singapore last year during the summer, it was a 3 day trip on the way back from Australia. We stayed at the Conrad Centennial, which is really nice. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly, we have breakfast there everyday which was very grand. I mean like a massive buffet. I would totally recommend staying there.

In terms of must do's... it's nice to see Little India and China Town. If you take the tour buses which are really close to the hotel, you can stop off indefinitely at any of the stops you like and then get back on at you're leisure which is helpful.

There's also Sentosa Island, where you have to go if you're in Singapore. There's a lot to do there, so you wanna donate a good afternoon, if not the whole day when you go. We went when there was some construction being done and so some of the stuff was closed. Hopefully when you go it should be all done up...

Overall, it's a good place to go for a few days. But after I think 4 days - you've pretty much exhausted all your options in regards to stuff to do. I guess if you're going for longer, you could always take the day trip to Malaysia, that would be nice I imagine.

Anyway, hope this helps!
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Hotels are damned expensive... but luckily my weeks stay there in April was on a Volcation and paid for by Singapore Air.

We stayed at the Changi Village, but I cant say I'd recommend it, even though its great for the airport. A mate of mine left today on his way back to Oz and is stopping over and staying at the Orchard Hotel, which is situated at the end of Orchard Road and a good location. Ive stayed there before and its a reasonable hotel and one of the few I saw giving any offers on costs.

Dont eat or drink in the Hotels.. it'll cost a fortune. Use the street market food places (Basically outside cafe type places.

Shopping is expensive IMHO, but its an impressive place to browse... and you can still get a few bargains.

The obvious "must do" is Raffles - though I hate to admit, Ive been there - without having a Singapore sling! Travel by the MRT underground system.. its superb and cheap. Only place we went Id recommend is the Bird Park, which is worth a visit.



I stayed at the Conrad Centennial which was lovely but not cheap (think … I stayed at the Conrad Centennial which was lovely but not cheap (think it was around 500 SGD a night, around £200-250). It was only a stopover so I didn't really do much so can't give you any advice there! Definitely recommend the hotel though, even the gym was impressive!!

Yup, it is pretty pricey, but definitely worth it. Everything is just so nice at that hotel. But then again my brother treated us so I wasn't complaining. Hehe!



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thanks for the tips people, only there on a stop over for 2 nights, flying singapore.... hope they are good!! Still on the hunt for a cheapish hotel!!

We stayed for couple of nights at the Grand Plaza Parkroyal. It was fine and very conveniently situated for walking e.g. to Raffles or to the waterside.
We especially liked having a meal by the river and seeing the Botanic Gardens.

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thanks chesso, I will be checking out all the recommendations at some point tomorrow, hopefully get somewhere booked up!

Let us know what you decide!!
Are you travelling to Australia?

Definitely do a day trip to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) to see the sights, I think its 7 hours away by train but only an hour by plane.

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I am indeed, but put in a few day stopover to check out singapore, i heard to zoo there is pretty good?

Oh yes, we didn't do it but people who went to the night zoo thought it was great.
(I think that guv has been there. maybe???)

Sounds like a super trip you are putting together.

Mind you we went with Go Touring and checked it out by comparing the same hotels flights etc with the itinerary and Go Touring were a lot cheaper than doing it yourself and 'fully guided'. Different if you're visiting relatives etc though.

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I was considering the night zoo, but was told it was really expensive, going to be a long trip in Oz so need to conserve the cash!


I really enjoyed walking around Clarke Quay and Boat Quay at night.

Eating curried crab and other seafood delights at the riverside restaurants on Boat Quay was great too.
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Singapore Zoo is a Zoo i have ever been too !!

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glad to hear it, it's top of my list



(I think that guv has been there. maybe???)

Nope. My missus was glued to the Hotel and news updates in case the Volcano stopped!

This time round, the only "proper" excursion was the bird park - which is the biggest in the world (apparently) and worth a visit. The youngest loved it anyway!

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The bird park looks great, was it easy to get to?



The bird park looks great, was it easy to get to?

Yes. Take the MRT to Boon Lay Station and transfer to SBS number 194 or 251 at the Boon Lay Bus Interchange. Its very easy to kind and get back to the underground station.

MRT was about £1.50 return from Changi (over an hour away!) and the bus about 50p. Hotels are dear. public transport is first class and cheap.


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thanks Guv much appreciated, don't suppose if anyone knows how cheap electronics are?! I am after some headphones ( noise cancelling over ear) and was looking at some Bose ones here and a few others but was wondering if it would be much cheaper to buy them there?

I stayed there for 4 months, was on exchange as part of my degree. Can't really recommend anywhere to stay as I was in uni halls (which were extremely cheap, £70 a month!). Anyway things to do:

Orchard road is probably the best place for shopping, buy an ez link card and use the mrt (think its around 10sgd), its extremely cheap and efficient, a million times better than uk public transport. The card will allow you to use the buses too.
The night safari is great, definetally check that out.
Sentosa is ok, it feels a little artificial but its good for a day out. I think universal studios has opened now, they were still building it when I was there so you could try that as well, its on the same train line to sentosa.
Zouk is a great club (if nightclubs are your thing!)

For food, honestly I would at least have a stroll through clarke quay (although its full of tourists and a bit pricey), but in reality its better to stick to hawker centers. They are everywhere in singapore, and offer extremely cheap and amazing food. Raffles has a particularly good one. I never had a singapore sling in raffles hotel (sadly because I'm a cheap student haha), but if you can afford it then go ahead. Oh and you must have a curry in the banana leaf apollo restaurant in little india, by far the best curry I have ever had.

Buying electronics, its not really that much cheaper to buy things over there than in the uk (the one exception being food). If you have the time, get a bus over to johor bahru in malaysia, you will find that products will be cheaper over there (and food gets cheaper too). It may seem like a big thing to hop over to another country, but you can be there and back in a day. If you really want to buy electronics there then go to the Funan IT Mall, its an absolutely huge shopping centre devoted to electronics and computers.
Anyway hope this helps.
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