Single Induction cooker Problems, keeps over heating ?

Found 7th Apr 2013
Hey I bought the induction cooker from maplin for 29.99 but there are 2 settings and I am not sure I am using it right and the instructions are useless.

One setting it you can have it to a max of 2000w and a min of 300w.
When I boil water with this setting its fine and no issues, but when I want to fry something on this setting I keep getting an error 8 message which means the plate is over heating.

The other setting has a 240 degree setting, and this is ok for frying chicken and pork chops ect.. but it is not hot enough for a cast iron griddle for a steak to get it searing hot.

Why would one: the 2000w setting over heat all the time, but it doesnt for water, and the other one is fine but not hot enough for steaks.

Am I doing something wrong, this is my first induction.

Thanks so much

Oh forgot to say that I have enough room at the bottom for the fan. its only the glass plate that keeps saying its over heating
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I bought a steel non stick fry pan from ikea, and seems very heavy on the bottom and was surprised by the quality, this does it on the 1000w to 2000w selection.

The cast iron is heavy and solid like any other cast iron ones and it has a flat base. again this does it on the 1000w - 2000w section, but does not do it on the 200 degree to 240 but this does not get hot enough for steaks to get those nice sear marks and to cook it blue/rare, like I like it.

Thanks again
Is the pan definitely suitable for an induction ring?

I'm guessing here. The wattage is the power setting and the temperature … I'm guessing here. The wattage is the power setting and the temperature is a thermostat.The wattage sets the power and when the temperature reaches the desired temp it cuts off the power.

Thats what I am thinking, but its no were near hot enough as gas, and is barely smoking point to chargrill, even though its 2000w


Is the pan definitely suitable for an induction ring?

If that were the case it would not heat up at all.

Just think induction is garbage compared to gas.
But it is better at faster heating thats it.

I bought it as I am renting a flat and it has a garbage electric hob.
Its great because I dont have to boil a kettle as it boils just as fast, but terrible for super hot cooking.

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