Single justice procedure Notice tv licensing!

Posted 24th Sep 2019
A few weeks ago whilst going to the gym met the chap from TV licensing at the door. We had a quick chat and by the end of the conversation he had convinced me to sign a direct debit form to pay TV licence. After not thinking much about it, noticed they had taken about 39£ and I stopped the direct payments as 3e never watch anything on BBC as we have Netflix and virgin TV. In fact on the day he came I just wanted to go to the gym so had just blindly agreed to what he was saying.

The single justice procedure Notice has arrived and not sure what to do as I don't really want any trouble coming my way. Whats the best way to sort it out as there is mention of "an application is being made for 120£ contribution towards the cost of TV licensing and I need to plead guilty or not guilty. Does this mean if I pleade guilty all I am paying is the 120?
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