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    Looking for new single mattresses x 4 for the childrens beds... any ideas or offers anywhere? Thanks y'all :thumbsup:


    Hi think, i recently bought a new mattress for our 2 yr old son - after doing some research, i found that it's best to spend a little more money and get a good foam mattress rather than a spring one. They are much better support for growing children and are also anti allergy too - our son's eczema is much better and he's been sleeping all through the night since we bought it (which is obviously great for us!) i'm now going to change our daughters mattresses to foam as well. Ikea is probably the best place to look, especially if you have one near you or else ebay do some good ones ( some sellers offer discounts the more you purchase too ) hope this helps anyway, becci x

    We were kitting out a new house with 4 bog standard single beds and went to our local Dreams store. We spoke to the manager about getting a bulk buy discount and got a great deal. He upgraded our beds to better ones and gave us free delivery and discount. Though don't buy the super cheapie beds, they can be uncomfortable and will go lumpy quickly and it's false economy, so go for something decent.
    For bad backs I cannot recommend the dunlopillo millenium range more highly, expensive but better than the foam ones and recommended by my chiro as the best you can get.
    Go to a local store and see what they can offer you.

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    [SIZE=2]the reason we need to get new ones is because the mattresses that came with their beds was obviously a cheap one as they are all very lumpy! Will check out your responses... thanks becci and hdixon[/SIZE]
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