Single Use : £15 off £50 Voucher for Tesco Groceries

Wasn't sure where to put this.

I've received an email with a single use code for Tesco.com for £15 off £50 spend on groceries which is valid on orders delivered by 3rd July 07.

As I won't use it, if you post a request on this thread (thought that would be a Deal Request ) I'll PM the first person who posts the code. As it's single use, not worth putting in voucher section.

Happy shopping


would that be xxjxwv


It is [XXJXWV], so does that mean it's not single use as stated in the … It is [XXJXWV], so does that mean it's not single use as stated in the email ? May be worth posting in voucher section then ? Thanx :thumbsup:

Its already been posted! :giggle:

I got a voucher too. after watching Whistleblower this week, im in two minds whether I should buy food from Tesco lol

It sure was.
If I did buy ready meals, i wouldnt buy them now. Nor buy anything off the Deli and Butcher Sections.

Sad thing is, it features sainsburys and tesco. the next day Asda got fined £80k for selling 59 items which TS deemed illega. One was 30days Out of Date.

Not safe to buy or eat anything it seems.


Saw a preview for that prog & meant to watch it - was it that bad ? :?

Yes!, Selling meat out of date, Then mincing meat past its sell by date (and display untill date)

They also used the same knife to cut all fish and all meat.

Loads of other things but there probably the worst!

Some of the most serious breaches detailed in the Whistleblower … Some of the most serious breaches detailed in the Whistleblower programme, to be broadcast tonight, happened at Tesco's Woodford Green branch. They include: • Changing sell-by dates to extend the shelf-life of ready-to-eat prawns by three days. • Refreezing partly defrosted crab claws and prawns. • Using a "sniff test" to decide when fish already past its sell-by date was no longer fit to put out on the counter. • Kicking a cooked chicken around the floor before serving it to a difficult customer. • Making up entries in the logs that record cooked chicken meat temperatures. • Using a fish knife to lever open the cover of a blocked drain. • Moving from the hot chicken counter to the raw meat counter without washing hands or putting on a different apron. • Using meat scissors to cut fingernails. • Using bin liners to cover the meat counter overnight. • Re-mincing partially cooked mince and illegally mincing meat past its use-by date. At the Sainsbury's branch in Didcot, Oxfordshire, trolleys of chilled fresh food were left at room temperature for three hours, despite a limit of 30 minutes, because there was "no room for it in the fridge."

That is taken from ]here

There are two other pages ]here and ]here

the third link is the full article from the daily mail, I read it before I saw the programme and it basically explains it all. The other 2 links are also from the dailymail, and are more bullet points

I'd love it :-) Thanks!
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