Posted 7th Nov 2019
Hi all,

Next Monday, 11 November, it’s going to be Singles Day 2019. Long-time members may be familiar with this, but it’s not as well known as Black Friday or Prime Day, so I’ve put together a thread trying to explain it all. This includes who the big retailers are, how to make sure you don’t miss a big deal, and more.

I'll also try to list the BEST deals as/when live so bookmark this thread!

  • When is Singles Day 2019?

    Singles Day is on the same day every year, 11 November (11/11) — hence the name.

  • What is Singles Day?

    The ‘Single Sticks' Holiday' originated in Nanjing University as a celebration of being single. That’s the reason it is held on 11 November — because of the single digits. It serves as a time for single people in China to meet and party with other singles. Obviously, shopping for these events has become big business and in 2017, Alibaba and JD made $44.5 billion between them!

    Ironically, it has also become a day of celebrating relationships too. In 2011, there were 4000 marriages in Beijing on day, compared to the normal 700.

    It has become a massive event in the year in China, so much so that Singles Day is comparatively four times larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with targets being smashed each consecutive year. It is sure to get bigger and bigger in the UK and Europe over the next few years.

How to prepare for Singles Day

Since Singles Day is still relatively new to the UK, it won’t get as busy as Black Friday, but it’s still a good idea to have a plan of attack. Make a list of the things you want, or know at least the sort of thing you want, otherwise you will lose yourself in the depths of AliExpress. We will endeavour to get the best deals on site, with the big name brands getting priority — Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus, and many more.

The most important thing is to do your research. A Singles Day price might not be a bargain, as some retailers increase prices slowly on the run up to the day, so be aware of price history and that it hasn’t just been taken down to a previous sales price.

Always make a list of what you want, take a look on hotukdeals to see if they have been posted before on site, and then make a decision. Some deals may be exclusive to certain merchants, but you'll find very similar specs elsewhere for a lot less — especially in China.

One major thing to be aware of on AliExpress is the merchant’s review scores. Sellers with less than 95% positive reviews, or those that haven’t been on AliExpress for at least a year, should be avoided.

List of retailers expected to take part below:

Ben Sherman
EU Noda Camp (SVT)
MingXi Eu
The Perfume Shop
Suits Direct

There will be more than this, but for now, those will get you on the way to shopping nirvana.

How to find the best deals, using hotukdeals.

All of the hottest deals over Singles Day (as well as every other day of the year) are found on our website and in the app. At the top of the homepage, you'll see a few different categories of deals...

Highlights- the BEST of hotukdeals including hot deals, fast moving threads, glitches & more

Hot- Deals voted Hot by the community hit the hot page around 100 degrees and shows deals starting to climb the hotukdeals boards.

New - All deals submitted get posted here, it's the go-to for everything new, well worth keeping tabs on as some expire very quickly.

How to get Singles Day 2019 alerts for the deals YOU want...

Set up singles Day 2019 alerts for the deals YOU want

The easiest way to make sure you never miss out is getting Singles Day deals sent straight to your phone, simple, quick and free to do this via our hotukdeals app.

So first, download it for Android or iOS. Once done, you can set up keyword alerts for any of the deals you care about.

  • Step 1 - Tap the 3 lines in the top left corner
  • Step 2 - Select 'Alerts'
  • Step 3 - Head to the bottom right - Tap the pencil to edit
  • Step 4 - Tap a keyword you want to add an alert for, or type your own.
  • Step 5 - Set the heat level you want to be notified at.)
  • Step 5 - Hit Save in the top right corner

You can also go back into these settings to remove, edit etc.

There are other ways to make sure you don't miss out too

Follow threads you are interested in

Get Singles Day deals straight to your phone or tablet when they are posted — the simplest and best way to ensure you don’t miss a bargain.

The easiest way to make sure you never miss out is getting Singles Day deals sent straight to your phone, quick and free to do this via our daily picks.

Daily Picks

Before you can use it you'll need to switch it on from the hotukdeals app.

Hottest deals on the go.The world’s largest deal community fits in your pocket. Find the latest, hottest deals on all the things you want, wherever you are!

Introducing Daily Picks - our in-app alternative to WhatsApp deal alerts!

How do you follow or save a thread you’re interested in?

On any deal thread you can follow it by clicking ‘Subscribe’ and you will get information and updates when people comment on the thread or if there are any changes to the thread, like if it expires or is due to expire. You can turn this on and off by simply clicking the button again.


How to follow members that post deals that you’re interested in?

If you want to follow a particular member of the community or editor you know posts deals you like, for example NeoTrix, msmyth or Akira_Cat, go to their profile and simply click the 'follow' icon. To turn notifications off, just click it again.

You can also change this in your profile settings under 'Following & Muted'.

Follow us on social media. Just click through and follow in the normal way...

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Make sure you select 'See first' on the hotukdeals facebook pages as some deals expire VERY quickly. Just hover over Following or Liked near the cover photo and click See First.

Looking for specific categories?

Broadband & Phone Contracts
Fashion & Accessories
Family & Kids
Sports & Outdoors
Culture & Leisure
Home & Living
Garden & Do It Yourself
Health & Beauty
Car & Motorcycle
Finance & Insurance
Services & Contracts

What Singles Day 2019 deals do we think will be popular?

For the electronics side of things, expect smartphones from Xiaomi and Huawei, robot vacuum cleaners, wireless headphones and ear-phones, camera drones, Smart lighting, Smart devices generally, power banks, cables and chargers, wireless portable speakers, smart watches, camera accessories, and much, much more.

A Few Predictions

Gearbest will have offers on Xiaomi electric scooters, smart phones, Mi Bands, earbuds and so on.

AliExpress merchants will definitely be taking part with big discounts on home, fashion and electricals.

SunValleytek-UK have several brands like TaoTronics for audio, RavPower for power banks and chargers, and UBeauty for cosmetics and makeup, so expect to see a lot of products from them.

Expect discounts on Aukey and Anker items including power banks, car chargers, dash cams, and chargers generally.

Ustellar (Novostella) are good for lighting, smart bulbs, outdoor lights, and smart devices.

10 Pro Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Singles Day 2019

  • Make a budget
  • Make lists of the sort of things you want
  • Create accounts on seller pages like AliExpress to save time
  • Update personal profiles
  • Compare prices
  • Find coupons where possible
  • Follow favourite brands
  • Read up on seller policies (returns, shipping costs, etc.) as Chinese merchants are not held to the same laws as European sellers
  • Bookmark shopping event pages and set Keyword Alerts on hotukdeals
  • Use your credit card or PayPal for large purchases as this will give you a bit more protection
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