I am looking for as cheap as possible a ps3 singstar disc!any disc will do only need it so i can download more songs from the ps3 singstar shop and can only do this with a ps3 singstar disc, i had one but my daughter snapped it! so any will do for as cheap as possible. Cheers


    There was an abba one posted o'n here today. £5 at blockbuster. Standby and I'll try find the thread.

    I'm using an iPhone so the link may not work. It's blockbuster website about 3rd or fourt page on hot deals

    This disney one is £6 and has 2 microphones with it maybe useful for spares!!…tml

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    thanks craig will have to pop in and have a butchers!!

    chas76 cheers, have that one and for some reason it will not allow the link to the ps3 singstar store it has to say singstar on it no singit, but thanks for your time x
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