singstar im confused

well my boyf got me sing star for ps3 for xmas i was over the moon but i quickly became board with britney spears toxic , then my obyf told me we cud go online " how do you get them from comp to ps3 i asked him " to my utter astonishment the ps3 cud go online and buy lots of more songs to add to your hard drive ......... i was wetting myself by this pont , when the songs were downloaded i put the disc in and my bloooodyyyyy songs arnt there i paid £10 for 10 diffrent songs and they are not on the hard drive or disc or what ever you call it , can any kind hdealer help me before i kill some one xxxx

gawdd i dont half babble xx


Is there only toxic on the original game?


Is there only toxic on the original game?


Packed with 30 original recordings
HD videos
Artists include: Scissor Sisters, U2, Razorlight
Download new songs via the SingStore
Upload your photos and performances to My SinStar online

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no theres 30 songs on but not yo my taste exept macy grey at a push and that group with the ;long hair .....

you need to start an actual game then they should apear when you search through the games songs. We never had any problems

If your still having problems Mr B suggests [url][/url] as a really usful forum in all PS3 related problems

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thank you jenny rep left xxx

The same happened to me. Go to options, delete content and clicks songs, they then take say 5mins to load up on there, then click back and it works fine.

This is how i resolved it, unless you want to call them and wait on the line for god knows how long, id stick with this, only takes 5 secs.

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ooooooooooo spartan did wat you told me and got my songs oooooo baby do you know whats thats worth oooooooo heaven is a place on earth ............. rep left thanks x
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