singstar ps2 to ps3 games advise

Found 28th Feb 2011
Got some singstar ps2 games to play on ps3, an update was issued so ps2 versions of singstar could be played.

It states that you load a ps3 singstar game and simply change the disc.

But I find the ps3 just resets :\

Any advice?
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Stop pressing the reset button and use the eject.

Serioulsy though Do you not have to use an option to remove the disc from within the game.…ar/

You can now play your PlayStation 2 SingStar games in SingStar for … You can now play your PlayStation 2 SingStar games in SingStar for PlayStation®3.From SingStar Party to SingStar Singalong with Disney, there are many great SingStar titles available for PlayStation 2, and you can now enjoy them all on your PlayStation 3.Next time you insert a SingStar PS3 Blu-ray Disc and are signed into PlayStation Network, a software update will download automatically. From then, you will be able to press the Select button on your Wireless Controller in-game and switch the discs, letting you enjoy all the great tracks in your SingStar PS2 collection.It means even greater choice of songs to get down to at your next SingStar party.

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Thank you, I googled went on singstar forums just couldn't find/see the information anywhere.

Two anxious kids giving me strange advice ( the oldest 5) was driving me mad.
You're welcome
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