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    I have just got a sing star for my PS3. I know you can download songs for 99p each in the store, but is there any way you can get addittional tracks for free?



    I don't think so but if there is.

    I would also like to know!

    Haven't come across any free tracks.

    Not a 'free' option, but you can try to source cheaper PS2 "Singstar" titles for tracks that cost more on the "SingStore".

    The last update to the PS3 "SingStar" title(s) allowed the use of PS2 discs with the game.

    The next patch includes the following functionality...

    "]SingStar update 2.40 - Coming Soon"

    Community Team - Moderator
    ...Further to feedback about some issues with the disc swapping feature in SingStar on PS3, the SingStar Team will soon release release [! – yes, so good they’ll do it twice – fp.] version 2.40 of the game. The fixes included in this update are:

    * You can now quit the game when using a PS2 disc.
    * You can now quit the game when using the SingStar ABBA disc, when an ABBA wallpaper is selected, and a disc swap is done.
    * The PS2 disc swap now works with PS2 SingStar 80s Sweden and Benelux

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