Sink unblocker needed urgently!

    Can anyone recommend a value for money effective sink unblocker for bloated pipes?!?

    Ive tried several cheap products and thick bleach and the problem persists - I remember a plumber telling me of a miracle cure for this but cant remember its name?


    Caustic soda? Can you still buy it?

    we had a horrendously blocked bath plug hole last week. Picked up a bottle of branded stuff for that purpose (was £1.99 I think) from Wilkinsons and it worked a treat. Out at dinner for now, but if you want me to check the name (still half bottle left) pm me and I'll do that when I get home.

    EDIT: and btw, you can also get caustic soda for 59p in Wilkos - we tried that first but no effect...

    Just take the trap off and clean it out? Cost = £0 so I presume thats cost effective enough?

    The product you require, and it is truly a miracle, is ONE SHOT. Our local DIY centre sells it but you may find a supplier by searching the internet. It is highly caustic so care must be taken. It has a purplish colour and comes in 1L bottles. Cost is around £5.


    The product you require, and it is truly a miracle...

    does it walk on water or something? perhaps feed thousands with a few loaves and fishes? :whistling:

    I believe it 'floats' on water, so near enough

    Domestos Sink & Pipe Unblocker works a treat.

    I'm forever blocking my bath pipes after washing my hair, the best thing I've used is Mr Muscle, the one that comes in 2 separate containers that you mix. I think its about £4 but worth every penny as it works straight away. Hope that helps! My husband thought he'd have to take the pipes a[art before me got that.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Everyone For Your Help. Rep Added To You All!

    I use the Mr Muscle stuff as well. works a treat, but costs a fortune :x
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