Sir Alex sees Red

    Sir Alex Ferguson was fuming after the mascot at the Carling Cup game at
    Old Trafford on Tuesday night had the last laugh.

    10 year old Simon Walls won a competition to be the Man United mascot on
    the night, however all was not as it seemed?????.

    Simon is from Liverpool and a huge Anfield fan so to win the competition,
    which his father Pete, had entered him " for the laugh " , was left in a bit
    of a dilemma.

    Would he take up the offer of a free night at Old Trafford, a free Man
    United kit and track suit or stick with his true allegiances?

    Not to upset the sponsors of the competition Nike, he decided to accept
    the offer and headed for Manchester with his dad Pete and his grandfather

    As the teams left the tunnel 10 year old Simon removed his track suit top
    to reveal a Liverpool Jersey and walked proudly out with the United team.

    I thought nobody would notice but the referee asked if I was at the right
    match? said Simon on Merseyside Radio on Wednesday.

    I was told to leave the pitch after the coin was tossed and head straight
    for the centre line between the dugouts where Ferguson was just arriving.
    He looked at me as I kissed the Liverpool crest on my jersey and waved
    goodbye to him.

    A spokesman for Old Trafford said that there was nothing in the rules that
    said the winner had to wear the kit provided but was disappointed that the
    opportunity to be a mascot at Old Trafford was taken by someone who
    obviously was not a fan.



    rofl, loved to have seen his reaction

    Quite funny yes. But it does seem a shame a real fan was not given the chance.

    Is this 100% truthful?

    Never heard anything about it.

    @ MinstrelMan - Nice childish comments ;-)

    I heard it is a fake.

    Where did you cut and paste it from peodude?

    Original Poster forums :thumbsup:

    :giggle: very funny and I hope it is true

    Fergie would almost choke on his gum

    LFC Muppet;3460525

    @ MinstrelMan - Nice childish comments ;-)

    shurrup scouse....... its what am good for

    :w00t: i hope it's true, funny as hell :-D
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