Sister looking for new pc tower

    Hi my sister is looking for a half decent new pc tower, she only needs the tower,operating system would be good to have also, she has around £250 to spend on one.

    are there any good deals at the moment?


    A tidy sum she's saved up, but rest assured, she won't need to spend all of it.

    One of the best PC cases around is the Antec 900 - see here:…268

    It was reviewed in CustomPC a while back and was giving the Gold rating (highest on test) for simplicity, internal size and most importantly, cooling. It was that good, my father purchased one (and at the time they were released, they were around £150!). You could pick one up for just over £82 inc. p&p. Trust the reviews. This case is a beast. The 200mm fan on top is huge, but spins at a lower rate than smaller fans, but removes heat remarkably well. Plus you can fit an additional 4 smaller fans, and that's not including one that is on the PSU.

    The next one up from the Antec 900, is the 1200 version. It's a little bigger but you can't justify the price increase - it's £131 on eBuyer.

    Windows 7 can be purchased alongside the case for as little as £72, which would bring the case and OS to around £154. There is a free delivery option.

    Alternatively, have a look on HUKD for Win 7 OS, and you may find cheaper. As for the case though, shop around, but that's where I'd put my money hands down.

    By 'tower' do you mean just the case, or do you mean a PC?
    I'm thinking the latter.

    Oh lord, if it's a system he's after, I give up lol. Aldi would be the best bet.

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    yeh system lol

    id get one of the dell vostro system, you have to go to the business side of the website.

    Cheapest one can be got for 179 ex vat and dell, so you have a little room to customize (more ram, bigger hard drive) and it comes with windows 7 home premium.

    bargain to be honest

    or take a look at…php they sell refurbished dell stuff. ive had some bits from them and have been pleased

    or keep an eye out on here a deal will pop up eventually, a few at a fraction over £250 have been on recently

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    or keep an eye out on here a deal will pop up eventually, a few at a … or keep an eye out on here a deal will pop up eventually, a few at a fraction over £250 have been on recently

    what ones have been on recently? thanks

    your welcome for my suggestion by the way.........thanks for thanking me to take the time and effort to try and help you out.

    oh thats right you didnt how bloody ignorant

    tesco have some brill offers at the mo. check there site.
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