Sister's 21st bday present

    Hey all,just looking for some gift idea's,it's my sister's bday. She is 21 is july and have no idea what to get her.Looking to spend about 100-200 any idea's? x


    Jewellery is probably your best bet, can hopefully hang onto it for a long time, and perhaps you can even have a msg engraved.

    GHD if she doesn't have one.

    Yeah have you seen those italian link bracelets? Each link is a charm and can be a pic or a letter/number.

    When my husband was 40, I filled a box with 40 pressies. Ranging from a mini colour TV for when he was on a break (as he was a lorry driver at the time) to snack size mars bars. So for your sister you could buy her some jewellery and then add bits of makeup, etc. Then wrap them all up and put them in a larger box and go to town with the ribbons etc. Husband loved opening all of his pressies, as he didn't have a clue what anything was!

    oh my friend did this for her mums 60th,imagine finding 60 things to send !!

    naw hows about a trip somewhere. if it was me i would go to book a super cheap flight and suprise her with it. then yah geta have a good lil treat for yah self plus when yah on holiday buy her something to remember it buy. £200 would get both of yah a great drunked long weekend somewhere nice

    If it was me I'd rather have the £200, that way maybe she could put it towards a holiday or something with other money that she'd receive.
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