sisytj32.exe - Removal Guide

    Hopefully this gets on Google.

    sisytj32.exe is a new Cloacked Malware which has borked my PC for the last week, any Internet Connection and it kicks in with a CMD Prompt making the PC unusable and who knows what it's doing while activating. No scanner has been able to find and remove the file, and even if you request it to be removed, it won't as it's a running service (tricks the PC into thinking it's a service required).

    Anyway, I got fed up, found someone else who deleted it by this method, it worked for him, and it worked for me.

    1) Open up MalwareBytes
    2) Click "More Tools" and click on FILEASSASSIN
    3) Find the file in the Startup Folder on your PC
    4) It will state it cannot be removed, and only removed via reboot.
    5) Click Yes and your PC will reboot itself
    6) Enable your internet connection, update MalwareBytes
    7) Do a final Quick Scan, it might find something else due to the update
    Remove any infection if asked

    Hopefully this might help out someone!



    start up in safe mode and run malwarebytes (safemode with no net connection)

    oh ok, you used it, and it fixed it, my fault for not reading it right

    Original Poster

    Aye, removal guide.

    Original Poster

    Did this help anyone?

    It certainly did, thank you very much. I think the main thing to remind people is that its going to say it can't be deleted and that they have to reboot to have it go away. It also worked for the WWWJBC.EXE (or something like that) Trojan i had on my comp.

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    Ah awesome Zitter, no problem!
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