Found 1st Aug 2008
Is it my PC/Internet but sometimes the Buttons and the writing under threads such as the SPAM etc get all squashed and can only see half of them?

This has been happening over the past two days on and off!!

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Yes its been like that on mine too, dont know why

bizarre - this is happening to mine just now. it has been ok all day, then exactly the same

same here - didnt have blank screen like some people

yep me 2 but its ok now :?

was happening to me as well, but seems alright now.

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Yea its always on/off dont know why?? :?

If funny things happen, CTRL+F5 sometimes help

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If funny things happen, CTRL+F5 sometimes help

lol Thanks, didnt know what else to call it apart from "Funny"!! :oops:
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