Sites for selling a house privately (i.e. no estate agent)

Found 9th Feb 2007
I am so tired of dealing with the agents in the areas we want to buy in. Last farce was last week when we offered the full asking price on a property and the agent then said the vendor had changed his mind and wanted offers over the asking price as there were lots of peorple who wanted to see the property (who had n't offered on it as they had n't seen it! madness!). I feel like we are wasting our time as I only want to go and see places we can afford.

Anyway am now tryign to cut out the agents. When I search these private house sale websites there seem to be loads and may only have a very few houses on them. Does anyone use/have used these sites and can recommend those worth using - we are looking in North London/Hertfordshire and so far the only ones I have found with more then about 2 properties on are: (London based) and

I should be grateful for some more website suggestions. And if anyone wants to sell a house in good condition you can post too (ha!ha!)


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how about [url][/url] , i know people have been selling houses on there but i dont know how popular they are with houses...
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