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    Sites like buymobilephones ?

    Does anyone else know of good sites that do contract plus gift ?.

    Been looking at getting a laptop from one of my catalogues but they seem to charge a little to much for a basic set up. Want a new toy and things like a laptop,ipad or iphone appeal. Due to credit I see these types of contracts good as I get some phone time plus get a toy that I can slowly pay off.

    Just want to see what else is out there.



    pretty good site that sends the gift with the phone instead of buymobilephones which you have to send off I.D to them for them to send, which probally aint a problem but less hassle.

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    Thanks, will give them a good look. I know its not the best way to go about getting a new bit of tech but its the only one other than catalogues within my means.

    A similar site is handymobiles.co.uk you might find something different there.
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