Sites that re-lense glasses

    Some time ago on here there was a site advertised in the deals section that would re-lense your existing frames, It was a UK based company but thats all i can remember.

    Can anyone remember it or does anyone deal with a site that they could recommend please.

    Thank You


    Cilary Blue is the one I used. There are others.

    Ask any reputable Optician


    Ask any reputable Optician

    No doubt this is the issue the OP is facing. Many Opticians, reputable or (in many cases) otherwise, will state that they frequently can't replace lenses and you'll have to buy a new frame in case the frame breaks.

    Original Poster

    Yes we have been told that are frames are too old and that lense templates can no longer be got for them, this was vison express and we bought the frames there about a year or 2 ago.
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